In buy-side transactions, Elmcore Securities represents purchasers in acquiring operating companies or certain assets/liabilities for trade and business purposes. The purchaser is typically an individual, a company, or an investment partnership. We may initiate the transaction by introducing the potential acquisition idea to the client or the client may ask for our assistance in completing a transaction with a previously identified target.

Depending on the circumstances, we assist our clients by:

  • Valuing a target business
  • Analyzing the financial reports
  • Detailing the potential impact of the acquisition
  • Performing due diligence
  • Developing the transaction structure
  • Negotiating the deal terms
  • Arranging financing

When assets or securities are sought as part of an acquisition, they are usually part of a broader advisory project where Elmcore Securities advises business owners to expand by way of acquisition instead of organic growth. This path may lead to expansion opportunities in new markets, adding a new product line, gaining new market share, profiting from the acquisition of discounted assets (relative to fair market value), and many other investment considerations.

Elmcore begins by researching many types of potential corporate acquisition candidates based upon a pre-determined investment strategy with our client. Each target is contacted at the executive level on a discrete and confidential basis to assess their interest in a potential sale of their company. If the potential target shows genuine interest, a confidentiality agreement is executed between the client company and the potential seller.

The potential seller will then provide certain due diligence information covering key operational, financial, and strategic information about its company. After receiving and reviewing initial information to prepare the fundamental deal terms, our client and the selected potential target sign a non-binding letter of intent. This is followed by in-depth operational, financial, and legal due diligence by our client (with our support). The final phase of the advisory project involves the negotiation and signing of a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the assets or securities of the target, with closing of the transaction soon thereafter. While there is no guarantee that the deal will be completed, as either party may stop the process at any time, Elmcore offers the necessary experience to meet the goals and objectives of its client in a professional manner.