When assets or securities are offered as part of a company sale, it is usually part of a broader advisory project where Elmcore Securities advises business owners on strategic alternatives to obtain shareholder liquidity. Potential “strategic acquirers” (companies) and/or “financial acquirers” (funds) are contacted at the executive level on a discrete and confidential basis to assess their interest in the potential acquisition of our client.

If the potential acquirer shows genuine interest, a confidentiality agreement is executed, and a confidential information memorandum (covering key operational, financial, and strategic information about the client) is sent to the potential acquirer.

After reviewing initial proposals for a possible transaction structure, our client and the potential acquirer execute a non-binding letter of intent that outlines the fundamental deal terms. Followed by in-depth operational, financial, and legal due diligence, the final phase involves last minute deal negotiations and the execution of a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the assets or securities of our client. Ultimately, Elmcore Securities aims to match an ideal partner and source attractive financial terms in each of its engagements.