Elmcore Securities assists managers of private alternative investment funds to raise capital on a best-efforts basis. The process of offering funds follows traditional private placement means.

After an initial screening of potential investors, we will contact those limited partners/investors who are qualified and most likely to be interested in such offerings. We will not make investment recommendations; rather, we will describe your product to these investors for the sake of matching their investment criteria to corresponding, suitable investments. Our initial objective is to arrange a meeting between the general partner of a fund and the potential investor, with the ultimate goal of obtaining an investment in such fund. We will, as part of the offering process, arrange the delivery of marketing materials to interested limited partners/investors, ensuring that such materials contain a detailed and coherently described investment strategy, a discussion of the general partner’s track record, and key terms and conditions that are attuned to the current state of the market.

After receiving an indication of interest to invest in the fund, this commitment will be relayed to the client who will approve or deny the investment. Subscription agreements and a limited partnership agreement, as applicable, will then be forwarded to the investor for review and signature. The client will stop taking commitments either when the total commitment target has been reached, or when the fund’s closing date has been reached, whichever comes first. Limited partners/ investors will be instructed to transfer any investment funds as indicated in the subscription agreement.